How to download pictures from this site

Right click on the picture and then Left click on Save Picture As. It's that simple!

Copyright statement

Please feel free to use these photographs wherever you like provided my copyright notice, , is reproduced along with the photo. If there is no copyright on the image, please add a caption saying "Photo by"

I'd love to see how you're using a photo, email me a link if you feel like it.

Want to link to this site?

Here's a nice banner you can put up on your site if you like, just copy the code below.

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How to resize a photo

The pictures on this website are HUGE!!!

You will probably need to scale them down a bit to be useable. It's very simple and most picture viewers are capable of doing it.

Irfanview is what I use, it's free and very fast. Here is a good step by step tutorial.