Welcome to my first website v.6.2

History of updates to this webpage

--02.18.2015 --Well that took a while! Around 170 recipe pages needed links updated and, since those pages span about 5 years, there are several different styles of markup...that didn't make it very handy to use find/replace so I ended up doing them one at a time by hand. Let me know if you find anything I missed.

--02.17.2015 --Still working on this homepage update. I have uploaded it today but there is still work to do. If you find any broken links I'd sure appreciate an email telling me - stewart@nopeople.com. I'm working on the cooking pages so I know those links are not right yet. When I moved the main cooking page into the new homepage as an include, all those pages links to Home goto 404. Wow, that is a LOT of work sorting that out, even with find/replace!

--01.30.2015 --Started updating this site using more current HTML5 and CSS3 along with some jQuery. I'm kind of stuck right now on media queries, my phone doesn't seem to like the width on some elements. Lots of work to do but I'm sorting a little bit every day.

--12.17.2014 --Added a new section to my sisters website for her Card Making.

--04.04.2014 --Wrote a webpage for Bushes Bunches Vegetable Stand.

--03.16.2013 --Just did a total rewrite of the Tips and Snippets site. The site has 64 examples of various HTML and CSS code, along with some js a jQuery as well. See the new site here.

--01.29.2013 --Just did a total rewrite of the cooking pages!

--03.03.2011 --I decided that menu didn't work very well so I've made a new flyout MegaMenu... hopefully it's better. One good thing I've already noticed about it, there is a lot more room. I will have to write a lot more pages to fill it.

--02.07.2011 --I'm trying out a new menu. The accordion one was getting too big and would cut off menu items on the bottom at smaller resolutions. This new one... I'm not totally sold on yet. Have to see if it grows on me.

--12.27.2010 --Well, I don't love hostrocket.com anymore. Their support is completely non-existant now, don't know why or what happened. I've moved to inMotion Hosting now and couldn't be happier.
Some other things got updated too. I was having quite a bit of trouble with the code highlighting on my CSS pages and decided to switch to a jQuery highlighter that seems much better. Have a look at the new HTML/CSS tips here.

--11.28.2010 --I've started writing newer pages in HTML5 now. The latest additions are the 2010 Plumbing upgrade and the 2010 Bathroom remodel, both in HTML5.

--03.09.2010 --LOTS of updates lately. I've totally redone the CSS tips pages by adding markup and CSS links in the header that scroll down to formatted code that can be placed in the clipboard. Looks pretty cool I think.
I've also added a couple layouts, a javascript thing and a menu - have a look at http://nopeople.com/design/CSS%20tips/index.html
I also upgraded to a reseller account with hostrocket.com (YAY!! - Love hostrocket!) so the whole site got moved to a new server. My mail server too...yikes!
Check out the cooking page, I've been unemployed and it's so dirty/ugly/black and white/monochrome winter out that I have not really been taking a lot of pictures. Instead, we've been eating! See all the recipes and pictures here.

--02.13.2010 --Another upgrade to the site. Up to version 4.0 now. Really made an effort to validate, condense and consolidate stuff. Instead of each page having it's own CSS, they all share one global.CSS file and I've moved all javascript to one location instead of each site and page having a js directory. I put up a new menu too... first time I've tried a js menu. It works well except on the one page that uses Lightbox. The scripts conflict on that page so I'll probably just use another photo presentation for that page.

--12.16.2009 --Started updating the Pictures of Palmer site. It's looking a lot better now. More pictures and MUCH better organized

--11.29.2009 --Put up a website for my sister Ruthie at http://nopeople.com/Ruth/

--11.15.2009 --I updated the guestbook to version 1.7

--03.31.2009 --I haven't put an update here in a while. I've updated lots of things, just not this page. Here's some new stuff to look at - My new computer for 2009, our remodeled bedroom, CSS tips, the Photo Blog, lots of food and a ride on the FVF Chenega when we were coming home from Cordova last summer.

We were in Cordova to Reclaim/repave the Copper River Highway. I had to leave Premier Alaska Inc. in the spring of 2007 because the season was getting a very slow start. I took a Foreman's position at Pruhs Construction, back at Pruhs again - yay! and I've been lucky enough to have been busy ever since. I even worked the winter of 07/08 so I really donated a lot to Uncle Sam on my 08 taxes! Hopefully 2009 will continue to be busy.

--12.15.2008 --The menu was getting WAY too long so I found a really nice sliding definition list menu that uses CSS only. It is compliments of Stuart Nicholls who lives somewhere in England. This menu should be working in IE6, IE7, IE8, Opera 8.5, Opera 9, Firefox 2, FireFox 3.x, Mozilla and Netscape. I hope.

--09.16.2007 --Twin 24 inch LCD monitors!!! 48 inches of computer screen in front of me now! Have a look at them here.

--09.02.2007 --I started a photo blog page to put up any pictures I feel like posting... Not like it's going to be updated daily or anything but you might be interested in checking it out once in a while. Link is flashing NEW right now in the menu to the right.
Or you can click on this ------> http://www.nopeople.com/homepage/Today/index.html

--04/19/2007 --My sister, Ruth, suggested I put up a cooking page - since I have a lot of pictures of food. One of my favorite subjects! If you want to check it out, click on the new item in the menu to the right.

--12/27/2006 --I just updated the Links page with better code and current links. It validates now, I'm slowly getting all my pages to validate.

--12/24/2006 --Merry Christmas Everyone!!
I wrote a webpage for my sister's hair salon as a Christmas present for her. I also registered a domain name for her and got her set up with a web host. See the site at http://noelshairsalon.com

--11/30/2006 --Just about finished with the 2006 work season. I've put up a few pictures and there are more coming in the next couple days. Have a look at the new entry on the menu to the right.

--11/30/2006 --I've upgraded my hosting plan. I stayed with Hostrocket because the guys there are really great. For the last few years I'd been using their "GigaPlan" had 1 gigabyte of storage and 25 gigabytes of bandwidth per month. The new plan costs about the same and has 25 gigabytes of storage and unlimited bandwidth! How cool is that??

--05/29/2006 --I updated the guestbook today. It was getting hit with so much spam I was about to get rid of it. Most of it was ads for selling drugs and anyone that knows me knows how bad that would have pissed me off!! Anyway, I found a good php script at Free PHP scripts that blocks spam with a couple different methods. I think this is going to work very well - Thanks to Don at hostrocket.comfor the tip!
Go have a look at The Guest Book and sign it if you haven't yet.

--02/24/2006 --In the spring of 2005 I took a Superintendants position with Premier Alaska Inc. It worked out great and I'll be there for a very long time...I do miss Pruhs a bit though, because that's where all my Summit buddies ended up at. Anyway, instead of making a 2005 work pictures section I put them all on a website I am working on for Premier. It's not finished yet but there is a link to it, 2005 Work Pictures, in the menu at the right.

--12/18/2005 --Wow, it's been a while. I just took down one page and put up a page with Alaska State history.

--1/1/2005 --Happy New Year everyone!

I just made the menu easier to update. It shows up on 6 different pages and I was not having fun editing it 6 times whenever I changed anything. I made the menu into one php file and just used a < ?php include("#"); ? > line on each page the menu is needed. Now when I update it I only have to do it once.

I'm amazed at how well it works. Even if you look at the source code you can't tell it's doing it. php is pretty cool.

--11-28-2004 --I decided to go ahead and put up pics of the job we did when we got back from Cordova. Timberlane Drive is on the South side of Anchorage so it was quite the commute for me. Still, we were glad to be home after 4 months in Cordova.
Working in the city took a little getting used to. People are so nice in Cordova and that was not the case on this job at all. Most of the people were just rude, pissed off and in a hurry most of the time. Not everyone though, there were a couple people that were very nice and we were always glad to see them wave on the way by.

--11/13/2004 --touched up the Menu a little

--11/08/2004 --I've been updating a lot of stuff but only just now getting to this update page.

  1. The Cordova work pictures site is up
  2. I've added a page with tips on viewing pictures
  3. There is a For Sale page now. That changes a lot so check it often.

--4/13/2004 later the same day --Well, I killed the old webpage. It's gone for good, there is not even a backup of it left.

--4/13/2004Several more pages transfered over now. Just about ready to kill the original website.

I want to put in a huge thank you in for ClaraTreva at The CSS Forum. He has really helped a LOT - Thanks!. I've learned more of CSS from reading this forum than I ever did from the DreamWeaver book I bought.

--4/12/2004 later the same day --Ok, I think I made the menu look a lot better. Learned all about unordered lists doing it too!

--4/12/2004 Finished the "My 2002 Dodge Ram" page last night. I tried something a little different and I think it turned out really well.
Working on that ugly menu next...

--4/11/2004 Happy Easter!
I just decided it was time to update our homepage. Trying some different ideas in CSS. This is going to be a long project, I'm sure. You can still use the original website, there is a link on the menu, but it will not be updated as this new site progresses. For now all the links on the original page are working but they will break one by one as I move things over here.
Please email me at stewart@nopeople.com and tell me what you think of the new site, especially if you find a broken link or something doesn't work right or have an idea that would look better than what I'm doing.

--3/30/2004 My sister Ruth had the idea of swapping the update announcements so the most recent is at the top. So that's how it is now.

--03/28/2004 Ok, so I took the HTPC site down. The whole idea of the project was to build a Home Theater that could play DVD, TV and Radio - along with any other kind of media file a computer can play - .mpg, .asx, .mp3... I wanted the HTPC to send a High Definition signal to the TV. I also wanted one remote to control everything and to be able to switch between TV, DVD and Radio by pushing one button on the HTPC front end.
I did get the thing to play DVDs in High Definition with 7.1 surround sound. Very nice. But... I never got TV or Radio, setting it up was a major undertaking and in the end, all I did was add another remote to complicate things more than when I started.
So ... I took that computer and Julie's computer apart, mixed and matched parts and got Julie a new 2.8 gigahertz machine and gave Mom a computer with 2.26gigahertz with 1 gig of Ram to replace her old P3-700.
To take care of the HTPC department we got DTV/DSL from our local phone company. It's digital TV over the phone line and we get about 120 channels now - that's up from the 3 channels we used to get on antenna.
Then, the absolute BEST part of DTV/DSL is the internet connection!!! It has 8 megabytes per/second download and 768K per/second upload! That's fast!

--03/06/2004 Lots of new stuff this time! We just got back from a month in Costa Rica and there are a bunch of pics in a new format I thought I would try. See the link to Costa Rica 2004 in the menu to the left.
Also be sure to have another look at the Links to friends websites again, there are more new links there.

--11-01-2003 Some new stuff. I found a guestbook that was kind of cool...I'd never done any PERL or CGI so I figured I'd give it a try.
Also put some new links to friends pages up.

--09/26/2003 I've been taking pictures all year at work with the idea of putting up these new pages. I hope you like them. For all of you who are searching for Excavator Pictures there are a bunch here now.

--05/04/2003 My hit counter is showing a lot of search engines finding this site when someone does a search for 'barn pictures' so I thought I'd put a few more up. I really need to go get some current pics of some of these barns, summer shots would be nice.

--04/05/2003 Had a little time before work started and so I did a little project. See the new planter pictures (link in menu on the left)

--03/28/2003 I know, I know, we've been back for a whole week and I'm just now getting around to putting up some pictures from the vacation. We had a blast! We went all over whole country so anyone that has any questions about what to see and do and what to avoid in Costa Rica just drop us an email. One thing I can tell you right now - 3 weeks is not long enough!
Anyway, enjoy the pics.

--Coming soon -- Costa Rica vacation pictures! Keep checking back.

--02/28/2003 Thought I'd put up some more work pictures. 2002 was a great season - I started a month earlier than usual out on Elmendorf Airforce Base working with Hank Krizman. From there I went to Eagle River to work on the Fred Meyer project with Winston Tallman. There was over 150,000 yards of Excavation and close to 3 miles of pipe there. Ended the year working a month or so later than normal finishing the Fred Meyer project with Tracy Brassard.

--01/14/2003 Starting to work on this a little again. Swapped out a couple updated pictures in the Photo's of our Home section but I got lazy and didn't change the thumbnails. Also added some links in the Favorites section. I will do more later maybe.

--4/14/2002 I took down the first set of Colony barns and put up some more. A few less pics this time so I'll have a little extra usable space for hosting pics elsewhere.
There are a few other updates around the site too.

--03/01/2002 It's been a while since I put anything up and, since I've been taking a lot of pictures of Colonial barns around the Valley lately, I thought I'd post some of what I've got so far.
I also fixed some background colors that were missing.

--1/31/2002 Took off the computer help. Most people already know that crap anyway and this seems to be turning into more of a photo site so I added some pictures from work.

--1/31/2002 Just got off the phone with MTA and I'm supposed to have 10 megs of space now. Write me if you see anything else wrong.

--1/30/2002 Right away I see that the animation was just too big, especially for you people with dial-up connections. I made it smaller, placed it over on the menu and put up a cool picture of fog coming in the Valley from the Knik Glacier.

--1/30/2002 Just uploaded about 1/2 of this website. Thought I had some problems on my end and finally figured out that MTAonline had my webspace limited to 5 megs. Should be up to 10 megs by tomorrow, I'll upload the rest of the site then.

Website created January of 2002.
--Please bear with me as I try to figure out html...I seem to be having a longer learning curve than I would like to admit.
--Let this first page have some time to load - It's an animated .gif so you should see it move when it's done. It's pretty large though. If it turns out to be too long of a wait I'll take it off.
--If you see a picture here that you would like to have the original full sized version of, just email me at the link in the menu. These pictures have been resized to save space - I only get 10 megs free.
--I built all this on both 19" and 17" monitors (how did I ever live with only one???) set at 1152x864. If it looks weird to anyone, let me know.

Pictures of Stuff
2002 Dodge Ram (sold)
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